Unique Futuristic Porsche GT Vision Truck Design – iCreatived

We see the unique futuristic designs of the leading automotive companies. Their new designs look like they come from the future and thanks to the crazy designers, we have seen a quite range of different vehicle and bike designs. There is nothing wrong or new about these designs. I want to introduce you a designer Alexander Imnadze who used to work for Alfa Romeo and Ford and designed an absolutely stunning Porsche GT Vision 906/917 competition vehicle concept. Now, Imnadze is back at it again and has a new design to complete his gorgeous Le Mans race car. He designed the Porsche GT Vision truck.

You wonder what it is so let me clarify you. This guy designed an elaborate hybrid race car transporter. Designing a race car is understandable but designing a race car transporter? This is a whole new level in automotive design. Imnadze seems that he is so fond of the race car he designed that he wanted to carry it with a more special design. This transporter has a futuristic, smooth wraparound windscreen, customizable LED headlights, and rearview cameras. It looks quite muscular. Since we don’t see any exhaust pipes we assume that it’s an all-electric vehicle. It is for sure that it will be the most striking transport truck concept we’ve ever seen.