This Futuristic Camper Van Extends To Reveal Fascinating Party Deck – iCreatived

A futuristic camper van concept of the future was announced and perfect for a perfect party camp holiday with friends.

The modern luxury travel trailer, called Romotow, replaces the standard caravan concept and creates a central living space that extends outward to create a perfect party deck.

Designed by the New Zealand based architecture and interior design firm W2 in 2012, Romotow looks like a normal trailer, but at the push of a button, it turns into a large and impressive hosting space.

A living space that underscores its main difference uniquely extends from its sheltered exterior with an ingenious automatic swivel to reveal up to 70% more ground space.

Production will be subject to public demand, but the models are expected to be available in early 2020. Pricing starts at $ 350,000 but will vary according to custom finishes.