Giant Circle-Shaped Root Bench Structure – iCreatived

Every day we are surprised to see a new design from hipster architects.  Here we have a giant circle-shaped root bench outdoor furniture designed by a Korean architect called Yong Ju Lee. This huge bench is placed at hangang park in Seoul. It is 30 meters in diameters so it looks like it is the branches of a huge tree. The Circle-Shaped Root Benches are spread on the ground in such a way that either alone or as a group, you can functionally use them as bench and table. You can lay down on them or sit on it like a regular bench because of its elevated branches that are above the ground at different heights.

This design was actually submitted to hangang art competition by using computer algorithms generating the 3D geometry of the bench. This mathematical model is known as a reaction-diffusion system and it explains the change in space and time of the concentration of one or more chemical substances.  The structure is supported by a metal frame with concrete footings and topped with a wooden deck. This bench offers three different heights to sit for people such as a child seat (250mm), adult’s seat (450 mm) and a table (75mm). This futuristically designed benches has become a very popular spot in the park and dissolves the boundary between artificial configuration and natural environment.