Amazing TreeHotel Lets You Sleep in the Treetops of Sweden – iCreatived

When we think of going to a hotel for vacation, almost all people have the same kind of images pop up in their minds such as nice lounge, luxury environment and a huge swimming pool right? But if you are going to winter vacation, you search for a warm and luxury hotel so you can enjoy your drinks before the fireplace after skiing. The new type of hotels for winter vacations in Sweden are called treehotels. Grooming the idea of a treehouse, architects designed a new concept of hotels floating 10 meters above the snow-laden forest.

This specific treehotel is inspired by the traditional Nordic cabin and the whole structure is supported by twelve columns. Inside has all luxury you will need such as a nice lounge, bedrooms having sunken beds that will offer you a different experience while large windows open out to surrounding landscape including amazing northern lights.

The treehotel has been built in such a way that indoors and outdoors are blurred which makes it look like a natural part of the forest. But my personal favorite feature of this treehotel is the big skylights in both bedrooms enabling you to sleep by looking up to the sky night. The stairs you will use seem tiring but you can relax because there is a lift for your luggage so no need to pull your luggage through the stairs. This comfortable treehouse is promising an amazing experience if you are fond of snowy forests and northern lights. Designed by Snøhetta. Images © johan jansson